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    Introduction to General Chemistry

    Approaches to the study of Chemistry 101.

    Concept: Chemistry 101: General Chemistry, first semester

    Concept Overview:
    Chemistry 101 at UNC-CH is the first semester course of general chemistry. (It is followed by Chemistry 102, the second semester.) In these notes on Topics and Concepts for Chemistry 101, the occasional reference to a chapter of text is referring specifically to the text Chemistry AND Chemical Reactivity by Kotz and Treichel. (See the description under the notes for Chemistry 102.)

    Supplemental Instruction will be available in Chemistry 101 for interested UNC-CH students and will be announced by your section's SI Leader in the first couple of weeks of class and then periodically throughout the semester. You may also consult an SI Schedule for this and other courses by consulting the pages on Supplemental Instruction under "Services".


    Matter and Measurement

    Atoms and Elements

    Molecules and Compounds

    Principles of Reactivity: Chemical Reactions


    Principles of Reactivity: Energy and Chemical Reactions

    Atomic Structure

    Atomic Electron Configurations and Chemical Periodicity

    Bonding and Molecular Structure

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