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    Minority Advisory Program

    What it Means to Serve as a Minority Advisor

    Serving as a Minority Advisor is both a privilege and a responsibility.  It is a privilege because you will serve as a role model for first-year students of color who will be entering Carolina this fall.  The Minority Advisory Program was founded to help African American and American Indian first-year students adjust to the academic and social atmosphere at UNC.  Your participation in the program assures each advisee that he or she can succeed at Carolina.

    The qualities of a successful Minority Advisor are:

    1. Enthusiastic commitment to the goals of the program
    2. Excellent communication skills
    3. Maturity, exhibited by sound judgment and common sense
    4. Flexibility and a sense of humor

    To learn more about the duties and responsibilities of Minority Advisors, please click on the link to the left Duties of a Minority Advisor If you are interested in applying to become a peer mentor, the application will be available beginning March 18th.

    If you have additional questions about the program, please contact the Center for Student Academic Counseling at (919) 966-2143.

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