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    Work Study Jobs

    Applications will be accepted through July 15. I will contact applicants by the end of July to set a time to meet in August.

    Center for Student Academic Counseling

    Student Counseling

    Job 1872

    Office Assistant IV S4

    Pay range: $11.80-13.55

    Job Description:

    This position is for an Program Assistant with the Center for Student Academic Counseling. It requires advanced data entry and electronic communication skills. The student will supervise the work of approximately 20 peer mentors (who have 3 mentees each); collect and input their mentee contact data; send correspondence to remind them of deadlines; and respond to their submissions. This position requires a minimum of 5 hours per week. The student must demonstrate excellent organizational and communication skills and have the ability to manage others. This position requires extreme attention to detail as the data collected are used in statistical reports. The student will also be required to run reports related to data entry.

    PLEASE NOTE: This position is open to all undergraduate work study students. You must have an award of at least $2,000 (for the academic year) to apply. You will need to commit to a full year, so if you plan on studying abroad or will be graduating in the fall, please do not apply.

    I hope you will consider working with us. It is a challenging job that will give you experience in management and database entry. Please contact the Center for Student Academic Counseling at (919) 966-2143 if you have additional questions about the job. We can't officially hire you until the first day of the semester, but we will recruit and interview prior to that.

    If you are interested in applying, please click on the link to the left, "Work Study Application"

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